Limited Discount for New Students

Annual Registration Fee is  $225 including books.

Mun Mazhalai Class Fee is $125.

Mun Mazhalai (4 yr old) - 1 hour class

(4-5 PM) on Sundays.

Mazhalai, Nilaigal 1 to 8, Thuritha Nilai - 2 hours class

(4-6 PM) on Sundays.


Donations are warmly welcomed and are eligible for tax deductions. 

Your generous contributions support our mission and initiatives, enabling us to continue making a meaningful impact in our community. 

Together, we can make a difference and create positive change.

Thank you for your support!

 We would like to congratulate our exceptional student Bhavishya Prasath for earning an amazing 4 credits in Tamil on the Avant Language Proficiency Test. This remarkable achievement demonstrates Bhavishya's devotion to excellence and her mastery in the language. We are pleased to commemorate this noteworthy accomplishment with her and we commend her for her perseverance and hard work.


Location: Las Colinas Elementary School, 

2220 Kinwest Pkwy, Irving, TX 75063