About Teachers

There is no doubt that Tamil teachers are dedicated individuals who impart knowledge and instill a love for Tamil in their students. They donate their time and expertise to teach Tamil language and culture to kids and adults.

We have a team of experienced teachers who are always willing to teach Tamil to the Tamil community.

Our sincere thanks go out to the volunteers who put their time and effort into promoting and preserving the language and culture through Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP).

Mrs. Jayashree Prabu

Mrs. Jayashree Prabu Principal of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP). She has been teaching Tamil for 14 years, including 6 years as coordinator. Also, she is a trainer for Avant Credit By Exam, a program that allows students to receive credit hours in high school with Tamil education. 

She started this school for the Dallas Tamil community due to her passion for teaching and advancing students. 

She and her team aspire to teach Tamil properly, practically, and enjoyably to foster pride and knowledge in Tamil children. 

We consider the Tamil language a valuable asset and are confident that we can pass it on to the next generation effectively. 

She strongly believes in the quote "Service to mankind is service to God" and is enthusiastic about serving in our Tamil school to showcase the beauty of our language to the world.

Mrs. Ramya Durai

Mrs. Ramya Durai Vice Principal of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP).  Professionally works for Information Technology, but she has an immense passion for teaching. The Tamil language is both fascinating and unique, and it provides valuable insights into our culture and traditions.

She became a member of the Dallas Tamil Palli team with the goal of promoting the richness of the Tamil language and culture among young minds and fostering their interest in it.

She has been teaching Tamil for 5 years and is surrounded by inspiring Tamil instructors who have given her valuable insight into teaching skills.

 She has extensive experience in Tamil cultural arts, specifically Carnatic vocals. She is confident the children will learn and enjoy Tamil in her class.

Mrs. Anitha Mageshgandhi

Mrs.Anitha Mageshgandhi has worked as a physiotherapist in Chennai. She has experience teaching Tamil both as a teacher and as a parent. It was her love for her motherland and mother tongue that motivated her to do this wonderful service.

 “We make a living by what we get
    We make a life by what we give."

  Anitha believes she is here to make her life by spreading Tamil knowledge to Tamil children.

Art, nature, and crafts are her passions. She also encourages neighborhood children to participate in craft activities. 

Mrs. Geetha Gowri Anand

Mrs. Geetha Gowri Anand holds a master's degree in computer science.

She is now a happy homemaker and a mother of two wonderful children. Her favorite hobby is reading Tamil books.

As she begins teaching Tamil to the community, she is very excited.

"We all owe it to our mother tongues to learn more."

Mrs. Jayasudha Vijayaraghavan

Mrs.Jayasudha Vijayaraghavan holds a Master of Philosophy in Computer Science. Additionally, she is an experienced yoga teacher who is certified. She is a homemaker and mom of two children. 

Mrs. Kathirvel Sakthi Madhusudhanan

Mrs. Kathirvel Sakthi Madhusudhanan is a happy homemaker and mom of two kids. Teaching has always been a passion for her. She knows the importance and impact of a mentor.

 As a teacher, she is here to help cherish the most beautiful language in the world by contributing her part. To keep her soul happy, she drew and painted in her free time.

Mrs. Sumathi Kalyarasan

Mrs. Sumathi Kalayarasan has an interest in teaching Tamil. She is doing volunteering for more than 4 years by teaching Tamil to the community. She loves engaging kids with educational activities.

Apart from this, she enjoys cooking and gardening.

Mrs.Murugalakshmi Perumal

Mrs.Murugalakshmi Perumal holds a master's degree in Tamil. Her passion for teaching and experience in teaching make her an excellent teacher.

Today, she is a homemaker and a mom to two children. Reading Tamil novels and stories is one of her hobbies. She is happy to continue teaching Tamil to the community.

Mrs. Prapavathi Narayanasamy

Mrs. Prapavathi Narayanasamy holds a B.Sc and a B.Ed. The mother of two lovely children, she is a homemaker. She has experience teaching volunteer work in India for a year.

She is eager to perform her best in Dallas Tamil Palli. 

Making crafts is one of her hobbies.

Mrs. Saritha Ganesh

Mrs. Saritha Ganesh, mother of 2 kids. Currently, she works in information technology and holds a master's degree in mathematics. In addition to her strong passion for teaching, she also had a strong sense of enthusiasm to encourage students and stimulate them.

She has already started volunteering by teaching Tamil to the community. She is more excited to be part of Dallas Tamil Palli this year and connect with kids in one of the world's ancient languages.

Mrs. Sangamithra Krishnan

Mrs. Sangamithra Krishnan is a mom to two lovely kids. She is a confident person. Teaching is a profession that involved loving and caring!

"Practice what you preach" as a teacher.

Her strengths are being disciplined, friendly with students, new technology, a good environment creator, and a motivator.

Mrs. Tamilselvi Arumugam

Mrs. Tamilselvi is a certified Montessori teacher and currently works in a public school.

She enjoys teaching and is always amazed to be surrounded by young minds. Observing the thinking processes and individuality of students is fascinating to her.

Her memories of Tamil classes from childhood are precious to her, and she has immense respect for her teachers. As a way to give back to her community, she volunteers in Tamil schools as a way to show her appreciation for all the teachers in her life.

The three things she loves most are music, singing, and reading.

Mrs. Kalpana Saitbabu

Mrs. Kalpana Saitbabu is a mother of two lovely kids. She holds a master's degree in computer applications and she is a passionate software engineer. 

She is thrilled to become a member of Dallas Tamil School for the first time, as it is her first experience teaching small, adorable children.

In her free time, Kalpana enjoys planting and fostering trees with her family. During her daily routine, she follows simple steps to care for nature to the best of her ability.

Mrs. Devasenapriya Arputharaj 

Mrs. Devasenapriya Arputharaj is a mother of two lovely daughters. She is a qualified mathematician with M.Sc, M.Phil in Mathematics.

Teaching has been her passion since she became a lecturer in an engineering college, and now she works as a postgraduate teacher in a middle school.

According to her, your mother tongue plays a crucial role in shaping your identity and culture, and she is happy to share that language with kids. 

Mrs. Vidya Balamanikandan

Mrs. Vidya Balamanikandan is a MBA Graduate and certified Abacus teacher. She is a proud mother of two kids.

She is excited teach Tamil culture and language to kids.

Mrs. Radhamani Palanisamy 

Mrs. Radhamani Palanisamy is an IT professional. She is a postgraduate in computer applications. She is a proud mother of two pretty kids.

She is excited to be part of Dallas Tamil School and passionate to teach younger ones.

Radha loves gardening, cooking and spending quality time with her kids. 

Mrs. Jeyalakshmi Ganesan 

Mrs. Jeyalakshmi Ganesan is a postgraduate in computer applications. She is a proud mother of two kids. 

She loves reading books and listening to music. 

Tamil - a classic language stores a treasure trove of knowledge of ancestors which should be passed on to future generations. So She believes that teaching Tamil to kids is base for their knowledge. She is excited to be part of Dallas Tamil School and passionate to teach younger ones

Mrs.Komala Murali  

Mrs.Komala Murali is a economist b y education . She is a proud mother of two kids who are also studying in Dallas Tamil Palli. This is her first experience as a volunteer in a teaching environment. She is excited to work in Dallas Tamil Palli.  

Mrs. Kalaiselvi Chokkalingam  

Mrs. Kalaiselvi Chokkalingam has been working with children in the USA for over seven years. She has an undergraduate degree in education and has worked in India. She loves to participate in much more than merely teaching. She enjoys motivating the pupils to pursue more education in both themselves and the outside world. She believes she can have a positive influence on kids' lives. 

Mr. Purusothaman Subramaniam

Mr. Purusothaman Subramaniam has volunteered at various events across the DFW area and back in India. He is very passionate about kids, Tamil, and teaching. At Dallas Tamil Palli, he is getting all three together. He has been teaching Tamil for a long time.


Educating our kids about our culture and Tamil literature brings them/him happiness. Reading books, traveling, and gardening are his hobbies.

Mr. Magesh Jeevanantham

Mr.Magesh Jeevanantham is an IT professional. He has experience in teaching Tamil as a teacher and as a parent.


He loves to be with kids, play and interact with them. Magesh believes in bringing interest to learning Tamil among the kids, and nurtures the ability to master the language. 


Magesh wishes to cultivate the importance of the Tamil language and culture among the kids through Dallas Tamil Palli.


His hobbies are gardening and listening to music. 

Mr. Sathish Govindaraj

Mr. Sathish Govindaraj is an IT professional. He has experience teaching in Tamil sangams.

He is a person with a vibrant personality who brings fun to the classroom while teaching our culture and language.

Watching movies, dancing with his kids, and hanging out with friends are some of his favorite things to do 

Mr. Sekar Thesingu

Mr. Sekar Thesingu's passion for Tamil Language, Culture, and Literature stems from many years of teaching experience, and he has been teaching Tamil for the past few years.


As a parent, he has prepared his children for many Tamil competitions and taught them the value of Tamil culture and literature. In his teachings,


He always emphasizes the importance of Tamil to children. Currently, he works for a financial organization in Irving.

Music and reading are his favorite things to do. 

Mr. Venkatarajan Arthanarisamy

Mr. Venkatarajan Arthanarisamy is an IT Professional working for one of the financial institutions in Irving.

He started his teaching career with a computer science degree and became an IT professional 18 years ago.

He loves the Tamil language; he is taking this opportunity to serve as a teacher and embrace teaching Tamil to the kids.

Mr. Yogaraj Chenniappan 

Mr. Yogaraj Chenniappan is an IT professional. He is a postgraduate in computer applications. He is thrilled and excited to be part of Dallas Tamil palli and passionate to teach kids.

Yoga loves horticulture, travelling, cooking and spending time with family and friends