Promote Tamil culture through educational means of learning Tamil (The longest-surviving classical language of India.) in the North Texas Area.

The organization is a cultural, non-profit, and secular organization.

 Our main goal is to teach Tamil Language to children, and the culture, as part of the organization.

Educate the kids about volunteerism so they can give back to the community through what they learn.

 Tamil Cultural Programs and Social Activities is to spread the Tamil language and culture throughout the community.


Ganesh Prabu

Mr. Ganesh Prabu, President of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP). His love and pride for Tamil culture fuel his dedication to the school. 

As a father of children who attended Tamil classes when they were younger, Ganesh is passionate about providing other Tamil children with the same amazing cultural upbringing that his own children had.

 He served as an admin for a non-profit school for 10 years and has abundant experience with coordinating leaders, running a school, and cultivating a community.


Saravanan Subbarayan

Mr. Saravanan Subbarayan, Secretary of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP). He is the father of two little girls. He is a professional in the field of information technology.

As a volunteer, he enjoys managing the day-to-day operations of the Dallas Tamil Palli with his strong background in administrative work.

Apart from his administrative skills, his passion for Tamil language and culture drives him to preserve and promote our heritage within the school to build a better future.  


Purusothaman Subramaniam

Mr. Purusothaman Subramaniam, Treasurer of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP). He is employed by Nokia Corporation.

He has volunteered at various events across the DFW area and back in India. He is very passionate about kids, Tamil, and teaching. At Dallas Tamil Palli, he is getting all three together. He has been teaching Tamil for a long time.

Educating our kids about our culture and Tamil literature brings them/him happiness. Reading books, traveling, and gardening are his hobbies. 


Jayashree Prabu

Mrs. Jayashree Prabu, Principal of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP). 

She has been teaching Tamil for 14 years, including 6 years as coordinator. 

Her love of teaching and helping students grow led her to become one of the founders of Dallas Tamil Palli, which serves the Dallas Tamil community. 

She and her team aspire to teach Tamil properly, practically, and enjoyably to foster pride and knowledge in Tamil children. 

She is certain that we can successfully pass on the Tamil language to the future generation and thinks it is a significant asset. 

She strongly believes in the quote "Service to mankind is service to God" and is enthusiastic about serving in our Tamil school to showcase the beauty of our language to the world.

Vice Principal

Ramya Durai

Mrs. Ramya Durai, Vice Principal of Dallas Tamil Palli (DTP).

Professionally, she works for Information Technology, but she has an immense passion for teaching. The Tamil language is both fascinating and unique, and it provides valuable insights into our culture and traditions.

She became a member of the Dallas Tamil Palli team with the goal of promoting the richness of the Tamil language and culture among young minds and fostering their interest in it.

She has been teaching Tamil for 5 years and is surrounded by inspiring Tamil instructors who have given her valuable insight into teaching skills.

 She has extensive experience in Tamil cultural arts, specifically Carnatic vocals. She is confident the children will learn and enjoy Tamil in her class.


Manikandan Periannan

Mr. Manikandan Periannan aims to grow the Tamil community and motivate people to stay active and give back to it.

He has volunteered for more than 5 years in the Tamil community for administrative activities and continues to do so.

Mani's passion is to help the Tamil community grow and prosper. He believes in the power of volunteering and how it can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

It makes him happy to volunteer and share his knowledge with others.